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We are an independent and non-partisan online platform founded in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in October 2022. We specialize in publishing analysis and research reports written by academics and analysts with the aim of interpreting current events around the globe. Our articles cover a broad range of topics within international relations, featuring politics, defence and security, diplomacy, energy and economics. Our native-speaker team members diligently translate the original articles into seven languages, ensuring a natural-sounding text that is comprehensible and easy to read.
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Our aim is twofold: first, to improve the accessibility of expert views by offering their articles in seven different languages for readers worldwide; and second, to serve as a reputable source for academics, government officials, students, and individuals seeking to stay informed with insightful expert perspectives.


In our vision, we see a world where every individual, regardless of their profession or background, has seamless access to expert knowledge, transcending language barriers. We believe that this access in turn enables individuals to connect with diverse perspectives, broaden their knowledge, and drive societal advancement.
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Non-partisanship: We are not bound to any political group and only committed to publishing unbiased analysis and research outputs on hot issues around the world
Diversity: We value and respect the varied backgrounds, skills, and perspectives of every team member.
Inclusivity: We value accessibility of knowledge by a wider audience around the globe by translating our content in seven languages
Progress: We believe that providing a convenient access to expert knowledge enables individuals to grow, innovate, and collaborate on a global scale.